Illinois' largest movie theater screen: Inside look at Batavia auditorium set to open in June

A record-setting Illinois movie auditorium is almost complete in Batavia.

"We're building the largest CinemaScope screen in the state of Illinois," declared Emagine co-founder and chairman Paul Glantz, three weeks away from the Grand Opening of Emagine Batavia — Chicagoland's newest movie theater complex on Randall Road.

The screen will be 94-feet wide and five stories tall.

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"We have to give guests a compelling reason to leave home and we think we've done that by building the Super EMX," said Emagine CEO Anthony LaVerde. "It's larger than an NBA basketball court."

Glantz, who has opened slightly smaller venues in other Midwestern states, said Emagine Batavia is sure to impress.

"Each one of my theaters is like a child to me," Glantz said. "Each one you love distinctly as your own, but this is going to be a real special venue."


The theater's dozen auditoriums will also feature over-sized leather seats, which not only recline but are heated.

"How do you go to the movies without that these days?" Glantz joked. "If I don't spoil you, you've got a lot of options right in your home these days."

The grand opening is scheduled for June 1st.