Company behind Illinois' largest movie theater screen makes major announcement

The suburban building that will house the largest movie theater screen in Illinois is now adding a new kind of entertainment to the mix.

On Monday, Emagine Entertainment announced their Batavia movie theater – which is scheduled to open June 1, 2023 – will include a "High Roller Room." The special room will have a service bar, shuffleboard, video games, pool tables, and four Brunswick Duckpin Social bowling lanes featuring Spark technology.

Duckpin Social is a new take on Duckpin Bowling, which is a ten-pin game where bowlers use a smaller ball without finger holes and are allowed three rolls per frame.

The Spark technology will enhance the fun. It's a "mesmerizing one-of-a-kind experience" that's interactive and introduces new targets and rules in an ever-expanding list of Sync games, according to Emagine Entertainment.

Here's how it works: Bowlers select their interactive experience on their Sync tablets. They get to choose from more than 15 animation themes that will even project their own photos onto the lane. Scores and stats will also be shown on the lanes, and bowlers are able to score by hitting targets on the lane, as well as the pins.


"The Spark experience is a tech-savvy innovation to bowling. It’s an amazing enhancement for family activities, date nights, birthday parties, and group and corporate outings looking for engaging ways to create social connections," CEO of Emagine Entertainment Anthony LaVerde said in a statement.

In February, Emagine Entertainment announced the opening of their 96-foot wide screen in Batavia — the largest movie theater screen in Illinois.

"We are trying to do something unique for our guests that will make them want to leave their homes and come visit Emagine," said Paul Glantz, Chairman and Co-Founder of Emagine Entertainment.

The Super EMX auditorium is described as a luxurious and upscale movie experience that will include heated recliners and cuddle chairs.

"Between this massive 96-foot screen, our heated and powered recliners, and our enhanced concessions we think this will provide an exemplary experience," Glantz said.

Emgaine says the massive screen will have a 4K laser-projected image, and that it will be paired with a Dolby Atmos immersive sound system with 70 channels of sound to create "the most remarkable moviegoing experience in the marketplace today."

In addition to the Super EMX auditorium, the Emagine Batavia theater will include eight auditoriums, two screening rooms, and an EMX auditorium — all which will have 4K projectors and heated recliners.

The venue will be located at 550 Randall Road in Batavia. Video released in February showed construction crews working on the massive screen.

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Steel trusses arrived Wednesday, Feb. 15, for the Super EMX auditorium in Batavia, projected to feature the largest Cinemascope movie theater screen in Illinois. The former Randall 15 IMAX, 550 Randall Rd., is being renovated to become Emagine Batavia theater, by Emagine Entertainment Inc., based in Troy, Mich. A 96-foot-wide screen, with 4K laser-projected image, will be paired with a Dolby Atmos® immersive sound system with 70 channels of sound . Additionally, the Batavia theatre will include two private screening rooms and 12 auditoriums, all equipped with 4k projections, luxury heated recliners and cuddle chairs. Renovations are scheduled to be completed this summer. (Al Benson photo)

The new building will host a Grand Opening Party on May 31, 2023, at 6 p.m. Tickets to this event can be purchased on

Emagine Entertainment is the nation's ninth-largest theater chain with locations in Frankfort and Chatham.