Illinois lawmakers propose increase in gas tax, other car-related fees

The State Senate Transportation Committee is expected to hold hearings soon on a proposal to repair roads, bridges and mass transit with money raised by increasing vehicle-related fees and the gasoline tax.

A hearing scheduled for Tuesday night in Springfield was canceled.

A 100-page amendment to House Bill 3233, sponsored by State Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago), would raise the Illinois gasoline tax by 25 cents a gallon. The current rate of 19 cents a gallon has been in effect since 1990. The proposal would increase it to 44 cents.

Electric vehicles, which would avoid the gasoline tax, would be compelled to pay a $1,000-a-year registration fee. Conventionally-powered vehicles weighing 8,000 pounds or less would see their annual registration fee rise from the current $98 to $148 annually. Registration fees for trucks and trailers would also rise.

Among other fee increases proposed, the cost to renew a driver license would double, from the current $30 to $60.