Illinois man learns sentence after stabbing bar manager, patron outside Hoppe's Corner in Elgin

Jason M. Ostrego

A Bartlett man has been sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment in the Illinois Department of Corrections for stabbing two people outside an Elgin bar in 2022.

Jason M. Ostrego, 30, pleaded guilty in May to attempted first-degree murder and armed violence.

On Jan. 31, 2022, Ostrego was at a bar named Hoppe's Corner at 1075 N. Liberty Street in Elgin, prosecutors said. He was drinking and began using racially charged language while complaining about the music playing on the jukebox.

According to prosecutors, Ostrego was warned to stop using the racially charged language, and when he refused to stop, he was kicked out of the bar.

The manager of the bar, David Scruggs, escorted Ostrego to the parking lot, where his mother was waiting to drive him home.

Ostrego refused to leave and instead, he started to argue with another man, Anton Patterson. Ostrego then directed racial epithets toward Patterson and challenged him to fight.

Ostrego's mother then attempted to restrain him. However, he broke free, produced a knife and stabbed Patterson in the chest.

Scruggs struck Ostrego in the face to try and stop the attack. At that time, Ostrego slashed Scruggs in the face and hand.

Police arrested Ostrego at the scene and a knife was recovered. 

Patterson suffered a stab wound to the right ventricle of his heart and required open-heart surgery to repair his heart. 

Scruggs required 15 stitches on his face and five on his hand to treat his wounds. Scruggs' nose became disfigured because of the attack.

"Jason Ostrego’s actions were a brutal assault on two innocent individuals. We are very fortunate that this was not a homicide. If Mr. Patterson’s or Mr. Scruggs’ wounds had been an inch or two in a different location, this would be a murder case. This sentence reflects the severity of the defendant’s crimes and serves as a reminder that violence, particularly racially motivated violence, will not be tolerated in our community. We commend the courage of Mr. Patterson and Mr. Scruggs, and we hope this verdict brings them a measure of justice and healing. We also extend our gratitude to the Elgin Police Department for their swift and professional response, which ensured Mr. Ostrego was apprehended and brought to justice," said Assistant State's Attorney Eric Leafblad.

Ostrego must serve at least 85 percent of the sentence.