Illinois state senator who was carjacked: 'It was like I was in a scene from a movie'

An Illinois congresswoman is speaking out about the terrifying moment when she and her husband were carjacked.

State Senator Kimberly Lightford and her husband were driving in Broadview on Tuesday night when they were carjacked by three armed men.

Surveillance video shows the thieves leaving the area.

Her husband was driving at the time and they were dropping off a friend.

One person heard 15 gunshots before the senator and her husband were ordered out of their car.

"Ya know, the guys rolled up on us so quickly, and they had a getaway driver. It was like I was in a scene from a movie and I was being victimized. And I just wanted my life, I wanted my husband in that moment. So, nothing else really mattered," Lightford said.

She says her husband has a concealed carry permit and shot back at the carjackers. She says this incident just emphasizes her perspective to protect the community.

"I've always had the perspective of protecting my constituents and providing more services around violence prevention," Lightford said. "What I would plead to the community and law enforcement is we find a way to work together like we used to do. We have to rebuild trust between the police department and community."


There are no suspects in custody.

Lightford made her comments Thursday morning at the "Christmas in the Wards" event, which serves Chicago’s underserved families and children by giving gifts for Christmas.