Illinois woman deemed unfit for trial in attack on officers

A central Illinois woman who allegedly attacked two police officers, leaving one with a broken arm, has been found unfit to stand trial.

A Champaign County judge on Tuesday ordered that Treva Murray, 44, committed to the Department of Human Services for treatment until she's deemed fit for trial in the November attack.

The judge found the Urbana woman unfit for trial after a psychiatrist concluded that Murray was unable to cooperate with her public defender or understand the nature of the criminal proceedings against her, The (Champaign) News-Gazette reported.

She's charged with aggravated battery to a peace officer and resisting a peace officer.

Murray allegedly attacked two University of Illinois police officers on Nov. 22 at an Urbana video store where she had allegedly become unruly, sweeping items off a counter and knocking over a shelf of merchandise.

One officer fired a stun gun at Murray, although it had no apparent effect on her. The officers eventually detained her, but both ended up in the hospital, one with a broken arm and the other with an injured knee.