Illinoisans continue to make trips to Wisconsin despite Lightfoot's travel order

Illinoisans are still making their way to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin despite travel restrictions requiring time in quarantine set by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

"I think you've got it all over the map as far as people's take on it,” said Karin Bennett.

Bennett, who is the owner of Cornerstone Shop and Gallery, says some customers say they are not adhering to the new rules.

“We have heard that. And, then, on the other hand, we have heard from other people that have called us and said, 'You know, we're not coming up. We can't risk it. We can't risk getting arrested,'" Bennett said.

Business in the Lake Geneva area has dropped by about 20 percent.

"I know the concern about Wisconsin is they see the hordes of people on the beaches. Unfortunately, that's what our customers are seeing are the, are the publicity of the beaches and then, coupled with the governor's order, yes, we've definitely seen a reduction in the amount of people that have been coming.  And um, and it's, it's too bad,” Bennett said.

Some business owners say they do not mind the loss in traffic, though, if it means keeping people safe.

"Business wise, it is what it is, whether it's reduced or not. Uh, I care more about our health, our employees' health and the general public health. If my business suffers a little bit, so be it,” said George Argiropoulos.

Argiropoulos says most of his business at Lake-Aire Restaurant this weekend had come from travelers from the Prairie State.

"Most of the customers in the downtown area are Illinois, Illinois people,” he said.

And many, he says, have been respectful when it comes to masks.

"Especially when I'm at the register, I talk to people. Most of them are from Illinois, and they come in with a mask, uh, more so than the Wisconsin people,” Argiropoulos said.

On Tuesday, Chicago’s emergency travel order could expand to include even more states. The Chicago Department of Public Health will be giving an update on the order at 9 a.m.