In latest beauty trend, women are tattooing freckles ... on their faces

WedlockPictures | Flickr

Inked eyebrows, eyelids and lips — you thought you’d seen it all.

You were wrong.

The latest trend involves tattooing freckles (yes, freckles!) on your face to achieve a natural look.

For the new craze, tattoo artists follow the natural line of each customer’s freckle trail on her face, AOL reported. Darkness and swelling typically decrease within a few months to blend in with the customer’s skin tone.

Allure reported that although cosmetic tattooing has been done for years, methods like microblading, for permanent brows (of which Bella Thorne is a fan) and lash tattoos, for eyelash enhancement, have taken the trend to new heights.

Tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow, who is based in Montreal, told that she began tattooing freckles on her clients after she noticed a friend tire of drawing her own on with makeup.

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