Indiana man to receive Carnegie Medal for heroic rescue effort of siblings from fire

A Lafayette, Indiana man is receiving what's considered the nation's highest honor for civilian heroism: the Carnegie Medal.

The Carnegie Hero Fund Commission says Nicholas Bostic earned the honor after saving four children and their 18-year-old sister from a fire last summer.

The former pizza delivery driver was on his way home when he spotted the flames.


Police say Bostic entered through an open back door, woke up the sleeping family and helped them get out.

He then ran back inside, found another child and jumped out a second story window with the girl in his arms.

The commission says Bostic spent three days in the hospital due to burns, smoke inhalation, and a laceration to his arm.

Bostic says before the rescue, he was battling drug addiction, but has been clean ever since and is working on pursuing a dream of becoming a police officer.