Infrastructure deal will provide money to replace lead pipes in Chicago

President Joe Biden will sign a new, trillion dollar-plus construction plan into law Monday.

It includes money to replace thousands of dangerous, lead pipes that carry drinking water — a public health threat especially widespread in Chicago. 

Chicago has more lead water pipes than anywhere else. 

The infrastructure package includes $55 billion to replace lead drinking water pipes across the country.

While the president plans an elaborate signing ceremony for the measure the U.S. House sent him last weekend, an even bigger spending proposal is still pending on Capitol Hill. 

Congresswoman Marie Newman predicts it, too, will eventually become law. 


She plans to run for re-election based on those two proposals.

"When you invest in human beings, and things like universal child care, creating middle class tax cuts through the child tax credit, and providing one to two million jobs a year and, then, in its totality, will bring down inflation....that's really tough to run against," said Newman.

Many Republicans complain that these bills will increase inflation.

Although Chicago has 10-percent of America's dangerous lead water pipes, the city is currently in line for barely three-percent of the total funding available.