Inside United Airlines new Boeing 737 Max 8

United Airlines on Monday introduced the newest member of its fleet at O'Hare International Airport.

It's a Boeing 737 Max 8. It has 16 first-class seats and 54 economy PLUS seats. Overhead bins have room for every passenger to place one bag. Each seat has a spot to charge your phone, a USB port, plus WiFi and Bluetooth technology.

The back of seats also received an upgrade with high definition screens and increased accessibility.

"Where if you have low vision, no vision, mobility impaired, hearing impaired, you’re able to use it without assistance, as well as one of my favorite features, you can get rid of the wires with your headphones and use the Bluetooth functionality to connect with the in-flight entertainment system," said Jaspreet Singh from United Airlines.


United bought 50 Max 8's. It's part of the purchase of 270 new aircraft, as the Chicago-based company bets big on post pandemic travel.

The first chartered flight was headed to Oshkosh, for a huge aviation convention. About 30 Chicago area young people got to go.

For cadets from the Tuskegee Next Foundation, this is a chance to live out their aviation dreams.

"Always loved looking up the sky, but it really started when my first trip to the airport happened," said Cadet Myla Lee.

Jaylen Bush is another cadet.

"I lived next to a small airport and imagine 8-year-old Jaylen going outside and looking up, seeing planes outside my house every day, so that was a big inspiration for me in my life," Bush said.

Those future aviators now get to fly on a plane that's key to the future of United.