'Inside': Willem Dafoe plays art thief trapped inside NY penthouse in one-man show

Oscar-nominated actor Willem Dafoe takes on what is, essentially, a one-man show in the new claustrophobic and psychological thriller "Inside."

Dafoe plays an art thief who accidently triggers a security protocol in a New York penthouse while attempting to steal priceless paintings – and, in turn, becomes a prisoner inside. With no way to communicate with the outside world, coupled with no food or water, he must do whatever it takes to survive and maintain his sanity.

Dafoe sat down to talk with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about the old cliché "acting is reacting" – and wanted to know how he made use of this role with nothing to react to.

"Objects, sounds, light, problems, myself – there’s a wealth of things," Dafoe said. "There aren’t convention scenes, but there are many things that I have to do and I’m a guy who’s got to get to work, he’s got to figure stuff out."


When Hamilton admitted that he wouldn’t have survived as well as the character does in the film, Dafoe laughed and added "you and me both, brother."

"Inside" opens in theaters on March 17.