Insulin-cost capping bill passes in Virginia General Assembly

Amidst a flurry of progressive new laws, legislators in Virginia passed a bill last week that will cap the out-of-pocket cost of insulin at $50.

The bill – HB66 – is now headed to Gov. Ralph Northam’s desk.

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The Hill pointed out that the bill would put in place one of the lowest caps in the nation – although New Mexico passed a law capping it at $25 last week.

Previously, Colorado and Illinois were the only states with caps. Both states have set the out-of-pocket cost of insulin at $100.

The bill arrives on the heels of a flurry of progressive legislation in Virginia.

Virginia legislature

RICHMOND, VA - JANUARY 8:The Virginia House of Delegates stirs as Virginia's General Assembly re-convenes following holiday break at the Virginia State Capitol on Wednesday, January 8, 2014, in Richmond, VA. The legislature convenes for the first tim

Democratic legislators in Virginia have dramatically reshaped the state in two months, sweeping aside many of the state’s old business-friendly and socially conservative laws and replacing them with a broad, progressive policy agenda.

Since Democrats effectively took control of the state’s government, they have advanced some of the South’s strictest gun laws, broads LGBTQ protections, and implemented some of its loosest abortion restrictions.

In addition, the government has pushed forward laws decriminalizing marijuana and repealing voter ID requirements.

The Associated Press contributed to this report