IPRA releases video of police-involved shootings of Kajuan Raye, Cleotha Mitchell

FOX 32 NEWS - In November of 2016, there were two police-involved shootings in one weekend. Now, the Independent Police Review Authority has released video from both incidents.

One video raises questions about police integrity, and the other puts the dangers of the job on full display as Chicago police confront an armed killer.

The two incidents both happened on Thanksgiving weekend. In one case, the officer was stripped of his police powers. In the other, the officer is back on the streets.

The first incident happened on Thanksgiving night. An officer responding to a battery in progress call stopped his squad car to question a man fitting the description of the suspect, and that man immediately made a run for it.

Sgt. John Poulos is seen on video chasing Kajuan Raye, eventually shooting him in the back and killing him, which was not captured on video. Audio recordings captured Poulos telling the dispatcher what happened.

Poulos claimed in his report that Ray had a gun and pointed it at him and witnesses told police they saw Raye with a weapon, but no gun was ever recovered.

“This new video and audio kind of opened up a wound, and the family, all day I've been on the phone with them and they've been crying,” said community activist Ja’Mal Green.

The medical examiner ruled the case a homicide.

“Kajuan Raye, as seen on the surveillance video was running, every angle running, running, wrong because he was trying to get away from Officer John Poulos. This murderer got tired of running and shot him in the back,” Green said.

In the other incident, which happened the next night, police officer Ricky Page, responding to a disturbance call, saw Cleotha Mitchell gun down another man in the street. Page reported that he shot and killed Mitchell as Mitchell walked towards him with the gun still in his hand, refusing orders to drop it.

Video from outside a nearby club where the disturbance started minutes before shows Mitchell confront one man and then moments later fire four shots at people.

A third video of the incident shows another angle where Mitchell is confronted by the officer and drops out of sight behind the unmarked police car after being shot.