Is it too late to stop Donald Trump?

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Some Republicans hope to block trump from winning the party's nomination.

#NeverTrump has been trending on Twitter, but it will take a lot more than that.

The next two weeks will tell the tale. Illinois and other big Midwestern states vote by March 15th, and master salesman Trump could seal the deal by then. Or, as his critics hope, he may be dealing with Republican buyers' remorse.

“He’s gotta be stopped in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois. Because, if it's not there, it will not happen anywhere,” said WGN Radio Host Roe Conn.

It’s topic a on talk radio and social media, where Americans either love Donald Trump or love to hate him. Parental discretion is advised for anyone checking out Twitter's trump-related hashtags: lots of comparisons to a certain long-dead German dictator co-exist with tributes and admiration.

Here’s the political math: with 319 delegates, trump has 26 percent of the 1,237 he needs to win the Republican nomination this summer. 

In better shape is Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who already has 44 percent of the delegates she'll need.

But there's more to it. As Barack Obama did in 2008, Trump appears to be mobilizing millions of voters who were previously disconnected or alienated from politics. Republican turnout is way up in virtually every state that's voted so far, while Democratic turnout has often been flat or down.

As polarizing as Trump is, even some Republicans who fear his longterm impact on the party think it's now just too late to stop him.

“I don't even think Donald Trump can stop Donald Trump right now. And that's what i mean by it turning into a movement. The idea that there's gonna be some Trump meltdown? What does that even look like? I don't know what a Trump meltdown would even look like,” said Dan Proft of Liberty Principles PAC.

FOX 32: He would start saying ridiculous things.

“Right! Yes! Like he has said since he announced in June!” Proft said.

Polling shows Trump is viewed more negatively by more voters than any other republican in the field. In fact, the only candidate whose negatives approach Trump's is Hillary Clinton. If that is the matchup this November, the contest will likely be a rollicking slugfest of attack ads.