Jake Cefolia disappearance: United Airlines executive missing for one year

It's now been exactly a year since a former United Airlines Executive from Elmhurst disappeared. 

For months, investigators have not said much, while trying to determine if Jake Cefolia voluntarily went off the grid, or if there is foul play.

FOX 32 was first to bring you exclusive new details in this case a few weeks ago. 

Through several FOIA requests, we learned there was a possible sighting of Cefolia at a golf resort in Idaho just one week after he went missing.

Security cam footage from the Coeur d'Alene Golf Resort recorded on Aug. 15, 2020 shows a man resembling Cefolia, who some--but not all--family members believe was him. 

Two days later, Elmhurst Police received a phone call saying Cefolia was spotted near the resort's pro shop.

The caller told police the man he saw had the "same style hair" and "same type of glasses" as Cefolia, but when police showed the video to his family, they say some thought it was him while others did not.

Cefolia's car was not at his house when his ex-wife called 911 to report him missing on Aug. 8.  

It was found that same day at Waterfall Glenn Forest Preserve.  


FOX 32 has also received dozens of new photos police took while processing his 2019 Land Rover. 

In addition to finding a jacket, golf clubs and cash in the car, they also found a bottle of an herbal supplement taken to calm the nervous system.

According to FOIA documents, a friend of Cefolia's told police he struggled with anxiety and started seeing a therapist just two weeks before he went missing.

One of Cefolia's coworkers also told police Cefolia was "under immense amounts of stress" because he had to take a 50 percent pay cut, with the same amount of child support to pay, and that he was "worried because he was in charge of laying off a large number of United employees due to economic downturn."

"Nobody’s heard from him . he’s acting very out of character," his ex-wife is heard telling 9-1-1 operators in reporting him missing last August.

FOX 32 contacted the Cefolia family through a private investigator, who only said they are monitoring the search for Cefolia that is being conducted by the Elmhurst Police Department.