Jake Gyllenhaal, Antoine Fuqua talk new Netflix film 'The Guilty'

Jake Gyllenhaal puts on what is essentially a one-man show in the new Netflix thriller, "The Guilty."

The Oscar-nominated actor plays a 911 operator who receives a disturbing call one night – and he takes the matter into his own hands to save the woman on the other end of the line.

The film comes from director Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day") who previously worked with Gyllenhaal on the boxing drama "Southpaw," and Gyllenhaal told FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton it was that relationship that convinced him to do the film.


"For me, a lot of my choices have become about who not just who is directing the film, but also the relationships I have with them," Gyllenhaal said. "Someone like Antoine – we’ve been through the tough stuff, the arguments already, the makeups already. Why throw that away on one thing? That’s a relationship."

"The Guilty" starts streaming on Netflix on Sept. 24.