Jake Hamilton steps into the shoes of Chicago EMTs during ambulance ride along

"Ambulance" may be rolling onto the big screen around the country – but around the streets of Chicago, real emergencies aren’t scripted, they aren’t acted, and there is no take two.

Med-Ex is a private ambulance service with a fleet of more than 90 vehicles operating throughout the streets of Chicago – a hospital with horsepower, these rolling rescuers offer all levels of ambulance services for hundreds of healthcare facilities throughout the area.

They’re manned by trained healthcare professional who understand ‘pressure’ more than most of us will ever will – Fredrick Jackson and Sarah Lopez are EMT-B partners, manning the Med-Ex ambulances.


For Jackson, who possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the stockpiles of medical supplies and equipment in the back, it’s all about the people.

Fredrick and Sarah are among the 300 emergency medical technicians, paramedics and staff of the Med-Ex team – the exact kind of professionals that actress Eiza Gonzalez studied to place an EMT in the new thriller "Ambulance."