Jewish couple's home vandalized with swastika, profanity

A Jewish couple in the Steele Creek area came home to an unwelcome sight at their home Thursday afternoon—a swastika and foul language had been drawn on the back door of their home.

“Are we going to live in fear? Hell no,” Ronald Gale said. He says “the audacity for someone to come in here, inside my gate, a closed gate on porch, to attack my home,” has shocked him.

Ronald tells FOX 46 this isn't the first time a swastika has appeared in his neighborhood, and believes this is no coincidence. He feels he was targeted just as the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah is getting underway.

“There's no reason for hate like this anymore,” Ronald said.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are now increasing their patrols in the area and Ronald says he plans to install surveillance cameras in the coming days and hasn't ruled out even more drastic measures

“We are considering and I hate saying it, we are considering looking for a gun,” said Ronald.

With the clean-up process underway, Gale is still shocked, wondering why anyone would vandalize his back door.

“Why so much hate? What have I done to you? What has anybody personally done to you that makes you feel like you have to come attack us and attack me like that?”