Joliet company remains busy developing chemical that destroys coronavirus

While a lot of businesses are closing and laying off workers, it’s full speed ahead at Seeler Industries in Joliet.

The mom and pop company manufactures a chemical that’s at the forefront in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re just trying to make the best of a very difficult situation,” said Steve Seeler, Owner.

The family-owned chemical manufacturing plant is the nation’s leading supplier of Peracetic Acid, or what you might call the COVID-19 Killer. 

“The way this product works against COVID-19 is it breaks down the structure of the membrane, reducing it ineffective,” said Vince Casalino, chemist.

Peracetic Acid is in liquid cleansers, sprayers, foams and those industrial foggers that are being used to disinfect schools and large buildings all over the country.

In fact, one-third of the Parysetic Acid being used to battle the COVID-19 virus in the country is being manufactured at Seeler.

“Our volumes have gone up 20 percent and we are one of the top producers of it in the country so we’re seeing a definite increase,” said Seeler.

This means unlike other businesses that have been forced to furlough and lay off workers because of the virus, Seeler is expanding. 

“We are increasing work hours,” said Seeler. “We are hiring more people. I think we just brought on four in the last week and that’s going to continue.”

And while chemical manufacturing may not normally sound like a life or death business, employees here know they are on the front lines of a national battle. 

“I try to explain to them how ridiculously important they are when it comes to work every day because what this product can do is it can sever some of the effects of COVID,” said Seeler.

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