Scammers impersonating Kane County officials asking for money

The Kane County Sheriff’s Office has received multiple reports of scammers pretending to be a lawyer or public official who is working for Kane County judges during their Zoom court calls.

The scammer sends messages to people through the Zoom court call chat feature and asks them to make a phone call. While on the call, the impersonator asks the caller to provide photocopies of their driver’s license, bank statements and paystubs. 

This person then tells the caller that a payment through mobile banking apps such as Cash App, Zelle Pay, Apple Pay and/or gift cards will help them to resolve their case. 

The Sheriff's Office says that this person is a scammer and is not an employee of Kane County or any judges. 


Here are some things the Sheriff's Office says to remember to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft or fraud: 

1. Always verify who you are talking to. Scammers often pretend to represent an organization you know. 

2. Scammers instruct you to pay in a specific way. 

3. Scammers rush and demand immediate payment. 

The scam reports are under investigation. Anyone with information about the identity of this individual should call the Kane County Sheriff’s Office at (630) 444-1103.