This is the drunkest city in Illinois, new study reveals

The drunkest city in Illinois might surprise you. Any guesses?

24/7 Tempo, a financial news website, looked at the percentage of men and women over the age of 18 who reported heavy or binge-drinking in metros across the United States.

In Illinois, Kankakee ranked #1 with 17.2% of adults stating that they drink excessively. Statewide, Illinois was the 5th lowest at 15.4%.

Kankakee's population is about 106,074 people. Countywide driving deaths involving alcohol were 40% for Kankakee County - that is higher than the statewide average of 28.8%, 25th highest in the US.

Meanwhile, in Indiana, the drunkest city is Bloomington, according to the study. About 19.4% of adults reported excessive drinking. Bloomington's population is 161,227.

Wisconsin's drunkest city is Wausau-Weston with 27.2% of adults drinking excessively. The population is 166,334.