Kankakee High School teacher uses racial slur against student: officials

A Kankakee High School teacher has been placed on paid leave after saying a racial slur in the classroom in an incident that was caught on video.

Kankakee School District 111 Supt. Dr. Genevra A. Walters said a teacher used a racial slur after getting into a "minor conflict" with a student who was leaving the classroom.

Administrators at the high school said they reviewed several videos of the incident and took statements from students who were in the classroom.

The teacher has been placed on paid leave pending a full investigation.

"The video is a system of a much larger societal issue," Walters said in a statement. "Although this is a disheartening situation for our students, families and public education, the root of the problem must be addressed in a systemic way. In light of the circumstances, we are proud of how the students handled the situation."


Some students appear to be laughing at the end of the video, which the district said was "nervous laughter."

Students who witnessed the racial slur said they were shocked to hear a teacher use that kind of language, district officials said.

The Kankakee High School principal will make a recommendation regarding the teacher to the Human Resources department and will also make a recommendation concerning disciplinary action to the Kankakee School District 111 Board of Education.