Kankakee woman celebrates being home for the holidays after getting new heart, double lung transplant

An Illinois woman is celebrating being home for the holidays.

Brittani Bury, 31, of Kankakee has spent more than 200 days at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Bury was born with five congenital heart defects and two congenital lung defects.

In 2020, she was placed on the waiting list for a heart and double lung transplant. The surgery was completed last month — the first of its kind to be performed at Northwestern Medicine.


"At this point I thought I would still be on oxygen, to be honest, and I haven’t needed oxygen in probably six weeks," Bury said.

While hospitalized, Bury knitted a blanket that says "Let it Snow." She has a fascination with snow because of a 'snowman-like figuration' that appears on her heart during X-rays.