Kasich brings his presidential message to Illinois

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Time is running out for Republicans hoping to stop Donald Trump from winning the party's presidential nomination.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich insists he will do it, and he was campaigning in the suburbs Wednesday.

“I'm gonna run a positive campaign for the White House, not take the low road,” said Gov. John Kasich.

That statement in Lisle and a related promise in Palatine not to "get down in the mud" with other Republican candidates won the biggest applause for Kasich. Several at those two rallies told FOX 32 that Donald Trump's crude language is unfit for a man who would be president.

“I do not particularly care for Trump. I think he's a little bit of embarrassing,” said Wheaton resident Lindsay Wilkinson.

“Trump is not a gentleman. He is somewhat of a bully. And I don't think he's that up on issues, really,” said Hoffman Estates resident Mike Rupnow.

Still, there was a catcall from one Trump supporter in the Palatine crowd and many pointedly did not applaud when Kasich answered a question about illegal immigration. He ridiculed promises made by Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to deport all those in The U.S illegally.

“But we're not gonna be grabbin' 11-1/2 million people out of their homes. It is not practical. And we gotta get this thing done and stop fighting about it and do it comprehensively,” Kasich said.

In contrast to Trump's tirades against international trade, Kasich argues millions of American jobs depend on it, and consumers benefit.

“OK, so if we don't have any trade, think that's gonna work out for us? How do you think that'll be? You'll pay more. You'll buy less,” Kasich said.

For all the success the Ohio governor has had as the "UnTrump" candidate, it's do or die time next Tuesday for all those who hope to stop Donald Trump. Should he win in Illinois and Florida, Trump is very likely the next Republican nominee for President.