Kim Foxx says she won't debate challenger in race for state's attorney

With voters now casting ballots, the fight for Cook County state's attorney is getting more feisty, and part of their debate is over a debate.

After the chaotic presidential debate this week, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx says she will not share a debate stage with her challenger, accusing Pat O’Brien of using “Trump-like name calling and fear mongering” in recent editorial board interviews.

O’Brien says that is a phony reason.

“She doesn't want to debate because she doesn't want to have to defend policies that are indefensible,” O’Brien said.

The two candidates are also ramping up the rhetoric over a police operation on Chicago’s West Side.

“This state’s attorney Kim Foxx doesn’t believe that people that commit crimes deserve to have any punishment,” O’Brien said.

Speaking at the site of a recent drug sting, O’Brien accused Foxx of thwarting a police crackdown called “Operation Split Corners,” saying she released several of the suspects arrested.

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Foxx’s spokesperson says O’Brien is telling more lies and that CPD publicly thanked the state’s attorney’s office for work on the case.

Foxx’s campaign released a statement, saying in part: "Ultimately, these Trump-like ‘win at all costs, even when the proof is in front of your face’ strategies are dangerous for our criminal justice system and our democracy."