Klein's Bakery & Café in Chicago struck by vandal on Sunday

A North Side Chicago bakery was the target of vandalism.

Klein's Bakery & Café on North Broadway in Buena Park will be delaying their patio season a bit longer due to a weekend vandal.

The owners of the bakery shared videos online hoping to let others know of this random crime.

In the video, you can see a person attacking the patio planters. It happened Sunday around 4:30 a.m. The person can be seen pulling and pushing and knocking the makeshift patio over and destroying it.


The business owner says it will be a week or two of extra work, and take hundreds of dollars to fix it up.

The owner says she does not recognize the vandal from the surveillance video. To her, it looked like he was simply passing by when he took out his aggression on the small business.

"We just wanted to make people aware that these kind of things are happening randomly and like to work and to keep our neighbor safe and kind of like let all the neighbors and other businesses know like these things are happening around," said owner Jessica Klein.

She doesn’t have any harsh words for the person who did this. She just hopes they stop and don’t attack any more small businesses.