Knife fight, drug dealing and burglaries in Streeterville spark concerns over safety

A recent knife fight captured on video in Streeterville has raised safety concerns among residents.

Ald. Brian Hopkins, 2nd Ward, said crime in Streeterville hasn't slowed down, specifically in the areas of Ohio and Saint Clair.

"We're seeing an increase in drug dealing, prostitution, loitering. The associated nuisance activity that goes along with loitering. There's a lot of litter and graffiti that happens, and occasionally a fight, like the knife fight that we just witnessed in Streeterville," said Hopkins. 

The knife fight happened on Sunday. Chicago police said the incident occurred after two groups clashed in the 600 block of North Michigan Avenue. One of the individuals involved in the altercation resides at the migrant shelter at the Inn of Chicago. 

"That was reported by one of our local residents who lives adjacent to the migrant shelter at the end of Chicago. This individual recognized one of the assailants as a migrant who lives at the end of Chicago. So, police are investigating that angle right now," said Hopkins.

Just days ago, the 1st District Commander David Harris held a meeting with residents about crime in downtown Chicago, stating that although overall crime is down five percent, burglaries are up 31 percent. 

Residents of Streeterville apartments and condominiums have been advised not to hold doors open for others, as criminals are sneaking in and targeting residents, stealing valuables from their homes.

"Some residents have, sort of the false sense of security that since they have a doorman, they don't have to lock the door. Well, that's one thing that we need to always lock our door, and we also need to pay attention to who's walking through our building because a lot of those burglaries happen. People piggyback behind someone walking into the building, and then they make their way through the building, either checking for unlocked doors or, unfortunately, breaking through a door," said Harris. 

A robbery task force was established last week, consisting of patrol officers and detectives working overnight when many of the crimes occur, aiming to reduce the crime rate.