Lake County coroner seeks to identify human remains through victim's tattoos

The Lake County coroner has released new information about human remains discovered in Libertyville last month.

They are sharing images of the deceased woman's tattoos in hoping to identify her.

On November 19, around 8:15 a.m., Libertyville police responded to the 1800 block of Hollister Drive for a report of partial skeletal remains being discovered.


Nearby the initial discovery, a Lake County K9 found more remains in a wooded area. According to officials, the remains belong to a single person.

The victim is described as an adult female with dark brown and gray hair, who had partial upper dentures.

The tattoos are of:

  • Two yellow/blue-green color fish in a "Yingyang" design with an unknown tattoo above, on the right shoulder/upper arm
  • Floral design with a ribbon containing letters (possibly C-A-T) on the left upper arm
  • Unidentifiable tattoo on the back of the neck/upper back

If you recognize these tattoos, the Libertyville Police Department would like to hear from you: 847-362-8310.

Or contact the coroner's office: 847-377-2200.