Lake County homeowners fall victim to multiple 'ruse burglaries' in recent weeks

Northeastern Illinois has seen an increase in "ruse burglaries" over the last several weeks, according to the Lake County Sheriff's Office. 

Law enforcement officials say robbers are using distractions to lure homeowners outside so other individuals can enter the home to rob them, typically targeting cash, jewelry and other valuables.  

Suspects will use many excuses to lure homeowners outside including claims of being subcontracted by local government, ploys of a broken pipe, schemes for landscaping services such as tree trimming, fence line questions and so forth.  

In addition to luring homeowners outside the home, some offenders will divert homeowners’ attention inside their home. There are also instances when offenders will remain inside with homeowners, distracting them inside their residence, while other individuals will enter the home undetected.  


Senior citizens are frequently the intended target of these crimes.