Lake effect snow hammers NW Indiana

While much of the Chicago area basked in sunshine Tuesday, winter held its grip on northwest Indiana.

A band of lake effect snow hammered communities in Lake County and continues to cause trouble in Porter County.

It was a traffic disaster, with several accidents.

"It seems like people forget. It's not anything new. But every time we get a snow people seem to forget the elements,” said Sgt. Ann Wojas.

The fast falling snow caused an accident on 80/94 near Gary. Truck driver Kenneth Beecham says it was like traffic pinball.

"Black car hit the wall, spinned outside, hit the lady, ran into her and then it ran into me. Just like a chain reaction,” he said.

Lake effect snow warnings flashed on overhead signs above northwest Indiana expressways, to no avail.

About the only people moving fast were those driving tow trucks.

Despite all those accidents caused by the lake effect snow in Indiana, we're not hearing about any serious injuries.