Lake View synagogue, school reopen after closure due to coronavirus

After closing its doors Tuesday because a student’s parent tested positive for coronavirus, the Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day school will reopen for classes.

The Lake View private school and attached synagogue closed Tuesday after learning the parent of a student tested positive for COVID-19. The school sent a message to families Monday confirming the case, and said the family was under self-quarantine.

A day later, the school announced they would be reopening for classes after consulting with both the Illinois and Chicago Departments of Public Health.

“Given that the current risk of community transmission in Chicago is low, and based on the information obtained regarding the investigation of the parent who has tested positive for the virus which causes COVID-19, the Chicago Department of Public Health does not see a need to continue school closure,” said Stephanie R. Black, MD, MSc, Medical Director with the Communicable Disease Program at the Chicago Department of Public Health.

“We are working closely with school administrators to ensure the health and safety of Bernard Zell students, their families and staff,” Black continued.