Laquan McDonald case: Chicago activists call for CTA shutdown if Jason Van Dyke is not federally charged

Activists are calling for a CTA shutdown to protest the possible release of the former Chicago police officer convicted of killing Laquan McDonald.

Jason Van Dyke was sentenced to 81 months for the 2014 shooting. He could be eligible for parole next month.

Local activists are comparing this case to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, where former officer Derek Chauvin was federal indicted just weeks after being convicted of murder on a state level.


On Wednesday, Chicago community leaders called on the US Attorney of the Northern Illinois District to indict Van Dyke for violating McDonald’s civil rights.

They also called for a CTA shutdown if action isn't taken.

"We are asking Local 241 and Local 308 to stand with us in solidarity," said activist William Calloway. "That no buses and no trains shall move throughout the city of Chicago as long as Jason Van Dyke is not federally charged."

The transit unions have not yet responded to that call.

The US Attorney's Office had launched a civil rights investigation following McDonald’s death, but nothing materialized from that investigation.