Lawmakers push for investigation into Illinois company allegedly marketing guns to kids

Some Senate Democrats are pushing for the Federal Trade Commission to open an investigation into a company they say is marketing guns to children.

Wee1 Tactical produces the JR-15 long rifle. 

"The JR-15 may be a smaller version of an assault rifle, but there is nothing smaller about the damage that it can do. And let's come right to the point. We don't need new legislation here. We don't need a new law. What we need is enforcement," said Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

Wee1 Tactical is based in Illinois.


Senators argue that the company's marketing methods are a threat to public safety and violate consumer protection laws.

They are specifically asking the FTC to look into why Wee1 Tactical is marketing to kids under the age of 18, who are legally not allowed to own guns.

The company provided a statement responding to the controversy, saying the rifle is meant to help train the next generation of responsible gun owners.

The company says the JR-15 incorporates a patented safety mechanism that provides an added level of safety that is available on no other rifle in production.