Lawsuit filed against owners of 2 Rottweilers that 'viciously' attacked mother of 4 in St. Charles

A lawsuit has been filed against the owners of two dogs that attacked a jogger in St. Charles, leaving her hospitalized for over three weeks.

Attorneys for Laura Kizman filed the lawsuit Tuesday against Steven and Ann Dorando for failing to take proper precautions to control the two Rottweilers that "inexplicably attacked her and began using her like a chew toy."

Kizman, who is a mother of four, was jogging near her home in St. Charles on Dec. 13, 2021 when a Labradoodle dog ran from a nearby yard to greet her, according to the Kane County Sheriff's Office.

Kizman attempted to escort the dog back to its caretaker who was standing in her driveway when two Rottweilers exited the same home and attacked her, police said.


One dog was biting her in the legs while the other had her by the scalp, according to Kizman's attorneys.

"I kept telling myself to hold on and stay conscious for my kids and my husband but I thought I was going to die. The pain was so intense," Laura Kizman said in a statement.

Images of the injuries inflicted on Laura Kizman after she was attacked by two Rottweilers in St. Charles in December | Cavanagh Law Group 

Police said the homeowner and a passerby attempted to remove the Rottweilers from Kizman but were unsuccessful. The passerby, who was a concealed-carry license holder, fired one shot from his handgun, striking one of the Rottweilers, police said.

Kizman suffer "severe wounds" to both legs, her arm and head, attorneys said.

The dog that was shot died a short time later and the second Rottweiler was euthanized the next day, according to police.

Kizman was transported by helicopter to Good Samaritan Hospital's Trauma Center where she underwent emergency surgery.

She was hospitalized for 24 days, continues to do intense physical therapy and needs a walker to move around, attorneys said.

"The physical and emotional injuries Laura suffered from this horrific attack were extremely severe. Her very difficult recovery still continues and she will deal with lasting injuries from this for the rest of her life.," Kizman’s attorney, Timothy J. Cavanagh, said in a statement. "This attack would not have happened if the Dornados had been responsible dog owners. They were aware their dogs could be dangerous yet they did not take proper precautions to restrain  or train the dogs so they would not go after people.." 

Kizman said the attack and its aftermath has taken an emotional toll on her family. With her husband out of town on a business trip on the day of the incident, Kizman said her 18-year-old daughter had to "step into adulthood very quickly and be by my side."

"Obviously I’m crying about it so it did take its toll on my family," she said. "But they’re kids and they’re very resilient and they’re just glad that I’m back and have my sassy attitude, I guess."

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.