Leaders in Forest Park call for more safety on the CTA

Local officials called on the CTA to increase safety on trains Tuesday.

State Rep. La Shawn Ford joined Forest Park Mayor Rory Hoskins and other local leaders to share ideas about cutting crime and curbing the number of overdoses on CTA trains.

They said Forest Park is a town of 14,000 and patrolling two major train lines is a strain on local resources.

"We want to intensify the public's safety," Ford said. "We know that if we show that there's a force of police around, not just with the sheriff's department, but with Forest Park and other police agencies, it makes everyone feel safer."


According to Axios, from 2020 to last year, crime on the CTA was up 17 percent.

The transit agency announced last week, they installed new security camera monitors at the customer assistant booths at all 146 rail stations.

In addition, the CTA announced the installation of 173 new cameras across all stations and lines.