‘Leaning Tower of Dallas’ demolition to take days, company says

A small wrecking ball slowly chipped away Monday at the “Leaning Tower of Dallas,” and its demolition will take days, officials said.

The company hired to demolish the old 11-story Affiliated Computer Services building failed on its first attempt at an implosion last Sunday. The core of the building, where the elevators and stairwells were, remained standing at an angle for a week and became a viral sensation.

Crews began working on the demolition just before 10 a.m. Monday. But what many expected to take just hours will now wind up taking a few more days due to some restrictions. 

Workers showed up with a smaller than anticipated wrecking ball, so small it was hard to see from the ground level in some cases.

“The little white kinda just tapped the building a few times and didn't do anything,” said onlooker Diane Gruber.

According to the demolition company, OSHA regulations require the weight of the wrecking ball to not exceed fifty percent of the crane's rated load -- or 25 percent of the breaking strength of the line from which it is suspended.

Just like over the weekend, a crowd gathered to watch throughout the day as the demolition slowly proceeded.

“I wish they would leave it up and turn it into a park or something,” said onlooker Robert Smithers.

Whenever the demolition is finished, it will make way for a new 27-acre mixed-use development called The Central that will include hotels, office space and a residential high-rise. The company behind it says hopes to build on the enthusiasm that brought so many out to the site.

“This lawn area was full with families yesterday, children and folks just enjoying the day and so that’s the plan with this area is to create a three and a half acre park in the middle of the mixed use development,” said Artemio De La Vega, CEO, De La Vega Capital.