Lemont school band instructor joins Twenty One Pilots' special effects team

Summerfest is filling Milwaukee with music, and a Lemont High School band instructor will be helping put on the party for one of the performers.

Bryan Ratay is part of Twenty One Pilots' special effects team. He makes sure the flames, jets, lasers and confetti all go off throughout the show.


Ratay says he is excited to travel with the band, but he is also sad to leave behind the Lemont High School drumline he has been working with all summer.

"I always joke when the confetti starts flying it's like New Years every day, every show day. But I love teaching and I was really sad to leave a group that's starting to take things seriously and has a lot of potential, and can be really competitive this year," Ratay said.

Twenty One Pilots is performing Saturday at 7:30 p.m.