Lewis University fighting mumps outbreak

A local university is taking a drastic new measure to help fight an outbreak of the mumps.

Vinny and Caitlyn are graduating seniors at Lewis University, but because of the school’s mumps outbreak, they just learned their graduation ceremony this month is off.

“It’s pretty emotional,” said Caitlyn. “I was a little upset when I found out. I found out before my finals so I was kind of sad.”

They’ll be able to walk in May, but that’s little comfort for them and their families excited about their big day.

“We had nine tickets and we can’t have our families coming anymore, even though they came from different parts of the country,” said Vinny.

There’s been one confirmed case of the mumps and eight probable cases.

The school vaccinated over 130 staff and students and says all faculty must show proof of vaccination by Monday or they’ll be banned from campus.