Lifetone bedside fire alarm and clock recalled, device issue could result in fire alert failure

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A recall has been issued for Lifetone Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock (HLAC151) units because of reports of a device issue, which could result in failing to alert those of a fire.

The bedside alarm and clock is an assistive alerting device intended for in-home use by people with hearing loss. It detects the T3 emergency signal given by existing smoke alarms.

Lifetone says it has received 77 reports of alarms with a blank screen. No injuries have been reported.

Defective units continue to sound a low frequency emergency audio signal and spoken signal “FIRE GET OUT” in English and Spanish but the optional bed shaker, if attached, will not operate.

The U.S. Consumer Safety Commission says affected clocks have serial numbers ranging from AC160600001 through AC160604102 and AC170100001 through AC170106030 only.

Those with the clock can find the serial number on the left side of the silver sticker on the bottom of the unit.

The U.S. Consumer Safety Commission says the clock has “Lifetone” printed on the front of the unit and a digital display with the date, time and type of emergency. There is a large black dome-shaped microphone on the top left of the alarm.

Units have been sold online through Lifetone, but have also been and installed by fire departments and the American Red Cross nationwide from November 2016 through September 2018.

Anyone with the recalled fire alarm and clock that has a screen that has stopped working should stop using it and contact Lifetone Technology to receive a prepaid label for the return of the alarms and instructions on receiving a free replacement alarm.