Chicago's top cop says CPD will add 200 homicide detectives to the force

Chicago Police Supt. David Brown and Mayor Lori Lightfoot spoke with the media Tuesday afternoon at CPD headquarters and went over safety plans for the new year. 

Part of their safety plans include focusing on homicides.

The top cop says they are adding 200 homicide detectives this year.

This comes as CPD reported nearly 800 people killed in the city last year — the highest since the 1990s.

Brown says they are also going to collaborate with wraparound services, like affordable housing and drug treatment centers.

Superintendent David Brown says they will expand POD cameras, and license plate readers around expressways and retail corridors, and work on public trust.

"That's the linchpin to solving all crimes, perceptions of crime, perception of safety and actual safety," said Brown.

CPD plans to expand the Carjacking Task Force efforts and focus more attention on officer wellness. Last year, the department saw 76 officers shot at or shot.

The mayor says the city's main enemy is illegal guns and the people who use them.

"As leaders we have to recognize we are nowhere where we need to be, nowhere where our residents want us to be and we have to step up and do more," said Mayor Lightfoot.

City leaders say they need more support from state and federal sources in holding offenders accountable and getting illegal guns off the street.