'Lights, camera, action'; Movie theaters begin reopening in Illinois with new safety measures

It has been a while since many have been able to enjoy a movie inside a theatre, however, on Thursday some AMC theaters reopened across the U.S. including here in Illinois, and anyone who decided to go celebrated like it was the roaring twenties.

 “We are so excited, behind the mask is a giant smile!” said Ruth Bellm, the Director of Operations at Showplace Icon Theatres. 

For the first time in five months, it's show time inside the Showplace Icon Theatre at Roosevelt Collection.

“It’s really been rough on this industry,” said Bellm.

It’s the same the heated, reclining seats and 4K laser projection as usual, but with a socially distant twist.

“The system will make sure the next people that buy tickets are at least six foot social distance apart,” said Bellm.

Guests can place orders for tickets, concessions and even alcohol through the theatre's app and via socially distant indoor kiosks.

“You scan it in on one of the kiosks and then you’re checked in for your seat and we know to get your grab-and-go order ready to go!” said Bellm.

“I feel that's good for safety purposes, so people won't get sick or anything,” said Deshaun Murphy of Chicago. 

It was also lights, camera, action at more than 100 AMC theatres across the country on Thursday, including AMC River East.

For one day only, the big screen came at a low price: just 15 cents a ticket, the same as in the 1920s.

At Showplace Icon Theatre, all transactions are now done electronically and masks must be worn in all common areas, but you can take them off once you’re seated.