Lincoln Park residents angry over destruction of historic brick alley

A piece of Lincoln Park history could be history.

Residents are outraged that demolition of the Old Children's Hospital in Lincoln Park will include tearing up old brick alleyways.

The signs and fences are up and work is about to begin on a section of brick alley near Halsted and Lincoln.

This is all part of a big development in Lincoln Park which residents are in favor of, but some say when it comes to this alley, they feel lied to.

“They said that it was going to be preserved and we just found out suddenly that they are going to in fact tear it up,” said Brett Stamper.

The work is all part of the "Lincoln Common" development project -- set to include condos, retail and office space.

Resident Brett Stamper supports the project overall, but is upset about the demolition behind his property. He says his home bumps up next to history, which is being destroyed.

“This alley has been brick pavers since late 1800's, and we are upset because as of tomorrow morning at 7 o’clock, all of this history will be ripped out,” stamper said.

Stamper says years ago during town hall meetings, he and others asked the developers to preserve the historical brick alley. He says they agreed and now the developers are going back on their word.

Stamper reached out to his alderman's office for help and they told him they were sympathetic, but the developers have the proper permits.

"So legally they have the right to do it. I feel like morally they don't,” stamper said.

FOX 32 reached out to the developer -- Hines/McCaffery Interests -- via phone and email to ask if they made the promise to preserve the alley and we have not heard back.

Construction will start at 7 am Tuesday.