Lisle boy battling cancer who received thousands of birthday cards now 'doing much better'

When we first met Cole Magnus from Lisle, he was delighted in showing us cards that brightened his third birthday.

One year later, he looks like a different boy.

"Cole is doing much better than he was last year. He's kind of out of that super intense part of treatment," said Brittany Magnus, Cole's Mother.

Brittany says her son still takes chemo every day for his leukemia, but that he was able to start preschool.

Last year, they were isolated at home, so Brittany asked people to send cards for Cole's birthday. She never expected to receive approximately 10,000 cards from around the world.


"It just — it was such a hard time in our life and getting those cards really just brought us joy and made it more bearable. The different people that took the time to send them, cancer survivors, grandmas. We still have grandmas now that are sending cards to Cole and have sent them for the past year on every holiday," said Brittany.

Cole was able to have a small outdoor party with friends recently, but his fourth birthday will be at home again — since he's now sick with RSV.

The love from all those cards is sticking around.

"We've saved them so that one day we can pull them out, and we can show Cole all these people that didn't know him. That took the time to show that they cared and to make us feel less alone," said Brittany.

If you want to wish Cole a happy birthday, you can send to "Cards for Cole" at P-O BOX 4408 LISLE, IL 60532.

Cole turns four on November 1.