Little burro rescued by Arizona DPS trooper after his mom is killed by a driver near Lake Pleasant

A day-old burro was rescued after his mom was struck and killed by a car on SR-74 near Lake Pleasant on Sept. 5.

We promise this story has a happy ending.

Arizona DPS shared on Facebook the story of the newborn burro being rescued by DPS Sgt. Roger Hansen and ADOT personnel. They knew he couldn't survive in the wild alone after being found near where his mom was killed.

They contacted Stacie Thomas of One Step Wild Burros and Mustang Rescue in New River. She agreed to take in the foal.

"Sgt. Hansen carefully loaded up the little burro in the back of his patrol vehicle. Once he arrived at the rescue, Ms. Thomas was able to match the foal with a nursing mother burro. The little guy quickly settled in and adjusted to his adoptive mom, and has been eating, running, and playing just like a little burro should," DPS said.

Thomas's grandson named the foal "Roger" in honor of his rescuer, Sgt. Roger Hansen.

To make this story even sweeter, a DPS trooper plans to adopt the little burro once he's old enough to leave the rescue.

You can follow the burro's journey on the rescue's Facebook page by clicking here.

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Photo from Arizona DPS