Little ‘Elsa’ finally has the ‘Frozen’ performance she always wanted

A young girl from Texas is a big fan of the Disney movie, “Frozen,” and she wasn’t going to let her love for her favorite character go.

Madelyn’s mother, Kristi, captured video of her daughter, dressed as the character, Elsa, out in the snow. She is seen mimicking the moves and singing the lyrics of the song, “Let it Go.”

Luckily, it snowed out in west Texas, leaving behind a white, fluffy layer to walk on in her yard and some flurries falling around her. 

“Madelyn finally got some snow to do her scene,” Kristi wrote in her Facebook post, accompanied by video of her daughter’s performance.

Kristi told FOX 13 that all the credit goes to her daughter. She didn’t coach her.

“She was so excited to do her song outside…couldn’t tell her no,” she said. 

This probably won’t be her last performance, Kristi explained. 

“With Frozen 2 fixing to come out, I’m sure of it,” she said. “This child loves to sing and dance. She’s seriously the sweetest, most loving, smartest kid I know.”

She was also stunned at the amount of attention her video received. 

“I can’t believe this many people have seen it,” Kristi said. “I’m so glad the world got a glimpse of her huge personality.”