'We need this Walmart': Community fights to keep Little Village store open

Community leaders in Little Village are mounting a last-ditch effort to keep their Walmart from closing.

The Little Village store is one of four in Chicago that the company announced will be closed by Sunday. 

A small group gathered Friday demanding answers and for the large corporation to hear their pleas. 

Walmart has been closing stores across the Chicago area in recent months, with a few in the suburbs, and now, four more in the city. 

Walmart says it's a money issue. They simply aren't making money at these locations.  


The Little Village Community Council says the company was given millions in subsidy money, and Walmart owes it to the community to stay open. 

"This Walmart belongs to us and that's why we're fighting to make sure that corporate America gets the point, that without a client, without us, there is no corporate America. We make you happy and we make you exist. We are a consumer. Without consumer, you have no business," said community leader Baltazar Enriquez.

The other Chicago Walmart stores that are closing are in Chatham, Kenwood and Lake View.

Though all four stores will close Sunday, workers are expected to be paid through August and can transfer to another store.