Local Afghan-Americans express concern for relatives stuck in Kabul

Nerves are frayed in the Afghan-American community today. 

They’re able to watch the chaotic scenes on television but unable to help relatives stranded in Afghanistan.

Some Afghan-Americans here in Chicago say their focus today is getting relatives back here to the United States.

They’re talking about U.S. citizens who were visiting Afghanistan at what turned out to be the worst possible time.

Like President Joe Biden, some of them say they were stunned by the sudden collapse of the government in Afghanistan and that the Taliban assumed control so quickly.

Relatives here at home were horrified by scenes from the airport in Kabul yesterday showing crowds of people storming the airport, frantically trying to board planes taking off.

And today they are desperately looking for answers about what to expect next.


FOX 32 talked to one man whose relatives are in Kabul today.

"They tell us that the scene is chaotic. They feel unsafe and they’re not hearing enough from the state department in regards to plans to evacuate them," said Masood,  a Lincolnwood man who would rather not give his last name out of concern for his relatives in Afghanistan.

He wanted to send a message to U.S. government leaders,

"Be transparent with the families that are stranded there. Give them a clear plan of what is it that they want them to do.
The message that they’ve been told is to stay put and that they will be in touch. But that was a week ago now and, as you guys know, everything changes quickly on the ground," Masood said.

He says his relatives have tried to go to the airport several times but have been met by crowds of 30,000 to 40,000 people.

Masood says his father-in-law and seven other relatives are stranded.

He says he’s talked to them a couple of times but at the moment cannot reach them, adding stress to an already frightening situation.