Local comedians react to Dave Chappelle attack

Tuesday night at the Hollywood Bowl, a man rushed the stage, tackling Dave Chappelle near the end of his set.  

Police took 23-year-old Isiah Lee into custody, who they say was armed with a knife inside a replica gun. 

"Security definitely needs to get buttoned up cause this was insane that this was able to happen," said TMZ's Fabian Garcia.

The stage attack comes just weeks after Will Smith's assault of Chris Rock at the Oscars. 

"Hopefully it's a coincidence, the timing," said local stand-up comic Jim Flannigan.  "Hopefully it wasn't someone who was emboldened by what happened there."

Flannigan said in the wake of the attacks, he's going to have to be hyper-aware of audience behavior during his performances.

"I think at least temporarily, you're always going to be watching how people are reacting to what you do," said Flannigan.  "You don't want it to overtake what you do, but you want to at least be aware of what's happening around you."


At Zanie's in Old Town, the third of its "rules to live by" posted near the entrance is "show respect."

Management said it's recently bolstered its security.

"If people think they can do that in a big club and something that's highly secured, and get away with it, it kinda trickles down into these smaller clubs and people become more rowdy and more violent," said Katie Regan, Zanie's business manager.

Regan said physical altercations have been very rare there, but because of these recent high profile attacks, Zanies will be reopening its internal discussions on ways to keep audience members, staff and performers safe.