Local groups turning to crowdfunding for support

Many people are turning to crowdfunding to help them achieve a specific goal.

"Crowdfunding" is a way for a person or group to ask people to donate to a cause. FOX 32's Lisa Chavarria recently looked into the different causes people are supporting via crowdfunding sites.

Hashtag Lunchbag

  • After being inspired by a social media movement to feed the homeless in Los Angeles, a Chicago woman starts up Hashtag Lunchbag locally. The group crowdfunds to help purchase more lunches and aims to feed between 700 and 1,000 people a month.


  • A local man created a crowdfunding site to help students pay for college. When someone donates, the money goes directly to the student's school, so there is security in knowing when you donate it's going to that student's education.

Field Museum

  • The museum is crowdfunding to allow people from all over the world to help them build a diorama for its striped hyenas. It will be the first full diorama the Field Museum has built in decades.